Tips for Introverts to Nail an Interview

Job interviews are opportunities in which to sell ourselves. This can be particularly challenging for an introvert who is unaccustomed to self-promotion. In our Supreme Concepts business model, we coach our people on how to be confident when promoting services. Many of our practices apply to interviews as well:

• Have a Solution: During a Supreme Concepts presentation, we encourage our associates to think about a challenge a customer might face and how the services we represent can help them. For a job candidate, this might mean doing research on the company in advance, analyzing their potential pain points, and offering a practical solution to solve it.

• Focus on Achievements: People who are accomplished in their fields need to share what they’ve done. This will help them focus on their strengths, and feel genuinely more confident knowing that they can contribute to any organization. Hiring managers consider value as an asset when reviewing applicants.

• Listen and Pause: In our Supreme Concepts training, we suggest people spend more time listening than talking. This way we can learn more about the person with whom we’re conversing and tailor our message so that it resonates with his or her needs. In an interview, asking questions and listening to the interviewer’s needs can help us respond in a way that is meaningful to them.

Job interviews are like promotions in that we have to sell ourselves.