Celebrating the Holidays in Atlantic City

Another fantastic year is coming to an end, which means time for reflection and celebration. This year, select team members got the chance to do both those things at an annual holiday party in Atlantic City, where several great prizes were raffled, and donations were collected to support the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. Perhaps most importantly though, Team Supreme Concepts got the chance to connect with other top producers from around the country.

Networking is a prime element of our Supreme Concepts training program, so when our team members get the chance to meet and make friends with customer acquisition pros of this caliber, they’re prepared. We rehearse ice breakers, continuing conversations, and follow-up, as well as tap into the mind-set that leads to fruitful business relationships.

For example, we point out that talking to people isn’t just about us and what we’re looking for in a potential contact. In fact, the best attitude to converse with is looking for ways to provide value or a service to the people that we meet. This mind-set leads us to listen more than we speak, another skill that makes us exceptional networkers, because we can more easily identify the needs that our conversation partners have.

Our team members who were invited to Atlantic City had a great time and made some great contacts as well. See pictures from the event by checking out our Supreme Concepts Newswire feed.