Congratulating Chase and Tyler on Their Promotions

Supreme Concepts is a value-driven organization, which means that ideals like recognition play an important role in our operations. For example, this month we’re highlighting Chase and Tyler, two of our team members, for their promotions to leadership.

Lamine, President of Supreme Concepts, chose to promote the top producers because they’ve truly stood out on the team. They are both very hardworking, motivated, and ambitious pros, and Lamine is certain they’re the right people to have in the lead.

Of course, now that Tyler and Chase have advanced, they will have the chance to polish other leadership skills like:

• Clarity: When frontrunners know what they want and have a strategy for getting there, they attract others to their causes. They need to express this vision for the future in clear and compelling terms, further motivating their team.

• Resolve: We know that planning is an important step in the process of achievement, but once the plans are made, it’s time to take action. Effective leaders’ decisiveness inspires others to act as well.

• Confidence: Truly confident people know how to share credit when things go right, and take responsibility when plans go awry. They welcome feedback, knowing that it will help them improve, and they are quick to show their gratitude.

Congratulations again to Chase and Tyler – we know you’ll excel in your new roles. To learn more about the advancement opportunities with our team, like Supreme Concepts on Facebook.