What Constitutes a Great Team-Building Event

There’s something special about Team Supreme Concepts that’s evident in all that we accomplish together. Most certainly it’s a reflection of the caliber of people who comprise our office. We share similar ambitions and values, and support and encourage each other to achieve our goals. What bolsters our connections are our team-building activities.

According to Lamine, Supreme Concepts’ President, every team event should have impact, whether it’s volunteering together, attending a workshop, or enjoying a team night. There are three ways to ensure these gatherings are productive, no matter what:

• Goals: There’s always a vision and an objective tied to what we do around the Supreme Concepts office, and our team events are no different. While not all activities might be as structured as attending a conference or an in-house training session, even something fun should have an agenda. A night of playing laser tag, for example, should allow people from different departments to become better acquainted.

• Input Before: An activity’s success is often determined by how much buy-in we get from team members. It’s important to solicit input from a diverse group of individuals to ensure events are attractive and inclusive, given various abilities and cultures.

• Input After: Once a gathering is over, ask for feedback. This way, there are insights on which to make the next event even better.

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