Our Educational Team Trips

Hitting the road to visit other successful offices is one of our favorite Supreme Concepts learning experiences. We see how other high achievers work toward the same kinds of goals we have, which gives us a broader perspective of what’s possible in our industry.

Lamine, our firm’s President, explained, “We’re all about broadening our team members’ horizons, which we achieve through a variety of travel incentives. Our associates attend conferences, retreats, and networking events all in the pursuit of fresh insights to streamline their career pursuits. When we visit other high-performing offices, our people learn novel approaches while also building helpful bonds with their peers.”

During our team outings, we also forge stronger relationships with each other. We learn more about the unique talents we possess, along with various positive traits and shared interests. When we return to the Supreme Concepts office, we’re more inspired than ever to fuse our skills in the most productive ways possible.

Travel incentives are big parts of our firm’s recognition strategy. We receive time in the spotlight when we display commitment to reaching our goals, but we are also rewarded in other ways. Trips to top offices, industry events, and exotic retreats keep us motivated to perform at our best.

We’re excited for our next trip to another successful location. Follow Supreme Concepts on Twitter to receive updates on our team travel events.