Focus on Culture to Build a Great Team

Our Supreme Concepts culture is empowering. We cultivate an environment where people feel not only encouraged but inspired to own their careers, create innovative solutions, and build professional relationships.

This type of atmosphere didn’t happen overnight, but with time and vision we’ve made it a reality. These are some Supreme Concepts guidelines for building culture:

• Look Beyond Technical Skills: The interview is the first chance we have to protect and strengthen our workplace environment. We look beyond so-called hard skills like experience and education, and focus instead on finding people who have the attitude, work ethic, and personality to thrive in our culture.

• Give Trust: Once people are on board, we let them know that we have faith in them and their abilities. We manage results, not methods, whenever possible, and we encourage team members to develop their own solutions to challenges they may face.

• Add Structure: We wouldn’t want to give the impression that there is no structure to our working environment though; nothing could be further from the truth. We map out career trajectories with our people from day one, so they know exactly how they fit into the big picture of our organization and the different paths they can take up the ladder of success.

• Check the Pulse: Open channels of communication allow us to monitor office morale, and frequent interaction gives us insight into individual attitudes. We often schedule team nights and other group events to give us chances to come together in relaxed settings and make conversation more natural.

Company culture is one of the most powerful team-building tools available.

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