Get to Know Lamine, Our Director

Team member recognition is a key element of our winning Supreme Concepts Inc culture. Today we’re putting Director of Operations Lamine in the spotlight for the way he inspires the rest of us to make the most of our unique skills.

Lamine went to school for accounting and then served an internship in that field before coming to Supreme Concepts Inc. He explained, “I gained some valuable lessons from that experience, but I realized I wanted to be in control of my own professional destiny. That’s what attracted me to this company. I’m motivated by giving that opportunity to others and helping them visualize reaching their goals.”

Knowing what it takes to be a true entrepreneur is what helped Lamine reach his current position. He commented, “I want to make sure the learning within our office is all-encompassing rather than being focused solely on business. You have to be a well-rounded person to achieve sustainable success in our industry. That’s why we focus on communication skills and relationship building in our ongoing training efforts.”

What keeps Lamine motivated day in and day out is the idea that he can help others know how good it feels to cross the finish line and reach ambitious goals. He added, “I want our associates to understand that they have the ability to exceed their highest expectations.”

Lamine keeps us on the right track with his positive attitude.