Highlighting William Reynolds’ Recent Promotion

We’re happy to put our top Supreme Concepts performers in the spotlight, which is why we’re thrilled to recognize William Reynolds for his recent promotion to Owner of a new office. Lamine, our firm’s President, explained, “Will has been in this business for a very long time, and he has learned a lot in the process. He has a lot of office presence; he’s someone people go to for leadership.”

Lamine believes a few key behaviors set people up for advancement, and one of the most productive habits a professional can have is owning projects from start to finish. This is an ideal way for a person to make him or herself indispensable, and it’s one thing Will has always done around the Supreme Concepts office.

A positive attitude is also essential for anyone who expects to reach great heights in their career. Will has become an ideal role model for our workspace by staying optimistic at all times. Everyone else on our team is highly motivated in part because of the way Will tackles new challenges with confidence.

Will’s mind-set is one of the reasons he raises the bar for performance for all of us. He helps his teammates as he pursues his own ambitious goals, which is an innate type of accountability that makes him a natural fit for a leadership role. Lamine is excited to watch Will lead his own office and achieve big wins along the way.

We’re lucky to have dedicated performers like Will on our team. Follow Supreme Concepts on Twitter for updates on his new office and all our forward-looking leaders.