How to Impress During an Interview

There are a few reliable ways to impress during a job interview, all of which we look for when we evaluate potential additions to Team Supreme Concepts. Here are a few of the impressive behaviors we want to see when we interview candidates.

Arriving early is one way jobseekers can show they’re serious, as long as they don’t leave too much time before their appointments. About 10 or 15 minutes early is probably the ideal timeframe. Any more might put undue pressure on the people conducting the interview.

Steady eye contact is another good sign we watch for during Supreme Concepts interviews. Not only is it an indication of confidence, it also helps set the stage for a strong connection going forward. In short, the ability to stay engaged in the discussion while projecting self-assurance is a game changer during an interview.

Asking the right types of questions also helps interviewees stand out to our hiring managers. Open-ended inquiries about our culture, the positions being applied for, and how success is measured show us that candidates are serious about making a positive impact. We want to hear plenty of examples of each person’s unique skills. Insightful questions, however, are even more important coming from a potential hire.

These things always help candidates make strong impressions, both at Supreme Concepts and other companies. Find more of our best tips for acing interviews by following us on Twitter .