Learn These Strategies for Interviewing Success

This Q4 is our busiest ever, and we have a ton of momentum that will be carrying us into the new year. That means Team Supreme Concepts is on the lookout for talented, ambitious professionals who know a great career opportunity when they see it.

Of course, on our end, we want to know that we’re on-boarding the right people – and the interview is one of our strongest means of determining whether someone is a good fit for our organization. These are two general interviewing tips that our hiring managers agree would be beneficial for all interviewees, whether they’re Supreme Concepts candidates or not.

For instance, when people find out that they have interviews, they should get the names and titles of everyone who will be part of the meetings. This gives each applicant a chance to learn all they can about the people with whom they’ll be speaking. We recommend checking LinkedIn and Facebook at minimum, along with YouTube if there’s a chance to see someone making a presentation.

Also, researching the company is a must. Candidates should be prepared with some basic info, such as size, strengths, and competition. It’s always impressive to us if an interviewee shows up with some idea of what challenges a person might face in the role they desire as well, along with some thoughts on how to approach them. This type of forethought means that an applicant really cares about the success of a business, and is solution-oriented.

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