Why We Love Our Team Nights

There’s always a buzz around the Supreme Concepts office when a team night is upon us. Sure, we see each other every day as we work to deliver impressive outreach solutions for our national service partners. However, we can’t seem to get enough of our evenings where we just get to unwind and have fun.

Lamine, Supreme Concepts’ President, stresses the importance of these gatherings because he sees the positive impact they have on our productivity and results. When we’re out having a good time together, there’s a positive energy that spins up and flows into our everyday office environment. We forge stronger bonds and establish trust that allows us to collaborate and innovate successfully.

So what defines an excellent team night? According to Lamine, it’s all about how well we can relax and relieve any stress that comes from our determination to score more wins for the companies we represent. Sometimes our evenings have a set agenda. We might go to a sporting event and cheer on a favorite team. Other times, we might even participate in some physical activities, like going bowling or playing laser tag. We’re also quite fond of our spirited game nights, which bring out our friendly competitive sides. Then there are our dinners, where we unwind over delicious food and drinks. As long as there’s room to laugh and enjoy each other’s company, these nights are true successes.

Whatever we do, we’re apt to share our fun with everyone. Follow Supreme Concepts on Twitter for updates.