How the Principle of Growth Influences Our Organization

One of the values that affects our Supreme Concepts operations is personal growth. We encourage our team members to progress from their first days with our firm, and in turn the continued development of our associates propels our company’s progress as well.

This sense of growth as part of our office atmosphere impacts our processes too. We make sure to promote from within, for example, so that associates feel an even stronger incentive to embrace continual learning while feeling comfortable making a long-term commitment to our team.

“I think we offer a very unique opportunity here,” stated Lamine, President of Supreme Concepts. “We WANT our people to learn as much as possible as fast as possible. Our organization is structured so that, when team members hit certain performance milestones, they get the chance to open a satellite office. Our training program is geared toward this kind of advancement, too. We teach our people leadership skills, how to handle administrative tasks, and HR responsibilities like interviewing.”

Career-oriented people like the well-defined career paths we provide. We know exactly what needs to happen for someone to move from entry level to senior management, and we make that clear during the interview. We want our team members to feel empowered to succeed at whatever pace they choose, without having to wonder what the next step should be.

Our focus on development makes us an exciting career option for those who appreciate continual learning. Find out more by liking Supreme Concepts on Facebook.