Recruitment Strategies That Work

When our national service partners engage Supreme Concepts to conduct outreach, they are certainly impressed by the caliber of knowledge and talent we have within our team. We’d like to think this reflects our first-rate recruiting program and onboarding process, which produces top-notch associates.

“We always seek new people to join our team!” said Lamine, Supreme Concepts’ President. “We’re interested in people who are ready to learn and willing to help others grow in the office.”

With our firm, it’s more important that we identify candidates with the right attitude versus experience. “It’s always been the Supreme Concepts philosophy that people can be taught how to perform tasks or master a skill,” Lamine said. “Things like positivity, ambition, and a love for working with others are more innate traits, which is why we seek qualities first, skills second in our model. We have developed an interview process with questions and a structure that allows our hiring managers to pinpoint individuals who will excel in our culture.”

Our training program helps to shape our incoming talent as well. “We start by pairing them with coaches who will guide them and provide feedback during their early days working on campaigns,” Lamine noted. “As an approach, it’s a bit unconventional to throw people onto a project on day one, but with the right support, they get the hang of it quickly.”
“We love to develop people and help them be their best selves,” said Lamine. “If this is something that you can relate to, then you would probably be a good fit with our company.” Check out our Newswire for announcements on hiring.