Research-Backed Techniques for Acing Job Interviews

Recruiting top-notch team members helps us keep Supreme Concepts filled with the best and brightest people. Due to this, we have significant experience with the actions that make certain candidates memorable. Here are a few research-backed ways that you can make an amazing first impression when interviewing for a job:

• Start Early: In some circumstances, you can pitch yourself before the interview. Research shows that hiring managers are more likely to be impressed by hearing a candidates’ qualifications than reading them. While sending emails and résumés is important, getting human contact as early as possible can empower you to land an offer.

• Watch Your Vocabulary: From our experience serving companies in Supreme Concepts’ portfolio, we can tell you that word choices matters. This is true when seeking a job as well. Talking about initiative and responsibility will leave a strong impression. However, it is better to show rather than tell with traits such as intelligence and charisma.

• Select Profile Pictures With Care: Applicants with good profile pictures are 40 percent more likely to be selected for an interview. While favorable photos are up to personal taste, good lighting, uncluttered background, and professional dress tend to be important.

• Engage With the Interviewer: As with presenting any other content, your qualifications are more impressive if you can engage with the audience. There is a lot to gain from a great interview. So, try to keep your energy up and connect with the interviewer when answering questions.

These techniques can help you land a job offer.