PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Concepts Focuses Hiring on College Students

NORFOLK, VA – The Supreme Concepts team is starting a hiring push. This effort will be focused on college students and recent graduates, according to the company Director, Lamine.

Investing consistent time and effort into recruitment has empowered Supreme Concepts to become an industry leader, indicated Lamine. Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest customer acquisition professionals is central to how the company stays at the front of its field.

“Experiential marketing is all about innovation,” Lamine explained. “Anyone who wants his or her business to be a leader needs to stay on the cutting edge. In our space, that is all about finding great minds with new perspectives and ideas. We frequently work with colleges and universities because young people excel at creative thinking.”

Lamine stated that this recruitment effort will also be focused on cultural fit and attitude. Every new Supreme Concepts associate receives extensive training in all aspects of the business, which makes work history and skill set less significant than passion and drive.

“We are looking for people who will push the boundaries,” Lamine said. “So, we care more about candidates who have an ambitious mind-set than we do about prior experience. Anyone interested should reach out via our website.”

Supreme Concepts’ Director Discussed Creating Local Jobs

Beyond helping Supreme Concepts grow, Lamine also wants to create more local jobs with this hiring push. Local businesses are essential for healthy economies. Providing jobs, especially to young people joining the workforce, will help Norfolk, Virginia keep growing, according to Lamine.

“More jobs and business activity locally also provides needed tax revenue,” Lamine continued. “Better employment means more income tax to support everything from repairing roads to providing quality education to children. If we want to build a thriving community in Norfolk, we need to support local companies and the jobs they provide.”

According to Lamine, providing careers to young people is especially important because it prevents brain drain. This is the trend when recent college graduates take their talent elsewhere. Lamine asserted that keeping innovative minds in the area is essential to lasting growth and success for the community. Supreme Concepts’ focus on students is partially motivated by this effect.

“We want our company and our community to push the boundaries,” Lamine concluded. “So, we are happy to do our part by providing good jobs to students and recent graduates. These talented young people are going to define the future of wherever they work. We want them working at Supreme Concepts and in Norfolk.”