Tips From Actors on How to Improve Stage Presence

When it comes to commanding an audience, actors have it down pat. In our Supreme Concepts business model, we interact with the public through presentations. As such, we’ve observed some of the techniques that actors use to capture people’s attention. Here are three tips to follow:

• Get to the Point Faster: When we are in front of an audience, we want them to stay engaged throughout. Therefore, as we discuss in our Supreme Concepts training, we need to be upfront with what we’re offering, then fill in the gaps that help others understand why these services are important in their lives.

• Talk to People: It’s important to remember that during a presentation, we’re having a conversation with people who are thinking and computing the information we are providing. In our Supreme Concepts presentations, we interact and encourage their participation through questions. When people are part of the conversation, they’re more likely to act.

• Be Deliberate: Every word, every movement we make during a presentation should be done consciously. If we’re walking around, there should be a specific intent attached to this activity. Pauses can be calculated as well to give the audience a chance to absorb and relate to the message before moving to the next piece of information.

We are committed to delivering presentations that get attention for the services we represent.