As we work to refine our presentation skills around the Supreme Concepts office, we often seek advice from accomplished presenters. Here are a few surprising tips we’ve discovered from some of our favorite authorities on public speaking.

Best-selling author Dan Pink gave us some profound advice when he said, “Saying something important is better than saying important things.” What he meant by this is that the goal must be to leave audience members with one big idea or potential action that will resonate in their minds. Rather than try to show off our knowledge when we represent Supreme Concepts at the podium, we do our best to give our listeners one memorable takeaway.

Sally Hogshead, who is also a renowned author with speaking expertise, highlights the power of unique traits. In other words, she encourages speakers to use the communication traits they naturally rely on to attract attention when they’re onstage. She explained, “If you take time to identify your unique differences, your audience will be enthralled and you will be more confident and memorable.” As we prepare our remarks for any big presentation, we also think about what makes us uniquely effective as communicators in our daily work.

We keep these tips in mind every time we prepare to give a speech. Follow Supreme Concepts on Twitter to receive more of our best presenting advice.