Use These Guidelines to Make Learning Continuous

The Supreme Concepts approach to learning is that it’s a continuous activity, not something we stop doing after graduation. To help our team members make acquiring new data a habit, we encourage them to follow these steps.

First, we ask them to reflect on the routines and attitudes they’ve developed toward the act of learning itself. Are there methods of studying that are more appealing than others? These are examples of the different practices that have proven to be effective. Are there topics that are easier to learn? This often implies a more positive mind-set toward the subject matter, perhaps even a strength that can be developed.

Also, we suggest considering the current habits that our executives have cultivated regarding their continuing education. For example, smartphones make the act of finding information so simple that reaching for them has become reflex. Rather than a mindless behavior, we’ve turned this into a conscious opportunity for learning. We consider the reason that we’re looking at our phones, and if it’s because we’re bored or nervous, we choose to find the answer to at least one pressing question as well. In this way, we begin developing the Supreme Concepts habit of using our phones to expand our knowledge base.

We schedule time to learn regularly, but by keeping an open mind and developing good habits we make education an ongoing process.

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