Watch Out for These Habits When Pursuing Success

We have an extensive Supreme Concepts reading list, and it continues to change; we’re constantly finding new and impactful titles to recommend to each other. Some classics have been staples for our associates though, and one of those is “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” by Marshall Goldsmith.

As the title implies, the book discusses the behaviors that keep people from achieving the heights of success they desire. These are some of the most common challenges that professionals face, according to the author:

• Overly Competitive: The thrill of competition is one of the best parts about business. The need to win, even when it doesn’t matter or when it might even be advisable to let something go, however, will make it difficult to advance in any company. It’s difficult for people to bond with someone who is always seeking to one-up them.

• Poor Listening Skills: Goldsmith refers in his book to the habit of not listening to others as, “…the most passive aggressive form of disrespect for colleagues.” Knowing this, we touch on active listening skills as part of our Supreme Concepts training program.

• Refusal to Admit Faults: One of the traits we most admire in our leadership team is their humility. They are always on a journey of self-improvement, and are open to feedback about ways they can grow as people and professionals.

Goldsmith’s book discusses about 20 different behaviors in detail, making this a thorough examination of what it takes to move past a fair amount of success and achieve greatness.

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