Why Our Development Motivates

Our associates are the driving forces behind Supreme Concepts’ success, which is why we make sure they’re up-to-date on the latest techniques and industry trends. But to us, learning is more than just absorbing job-related knowhow. We are committed to ensuring our people have the resources they need for long-term professional development.

You see, to us, the most important factor when we hire someone to join Team Supreme Concepts is their desire to grow and advance in their careers. Our executives all start at the entry level and we promote from within based on merit. As Lamine, our President, noted, everyone has a chance to move forward at their own pace. We supply the training and tools; they just have to add the ambition.

So how do we prepare our leaders? Our onboarding and training are number one, with ample coaching and hands-on experiences to get new associates up to speed. After they’ve reached key milestones, we increase the responsibilities and invite them to take part in other chances to learn. They might head to another successful office for cross-training, so they can gain different perspectives. Our top performers can qualify to head to national conferences where they acquire more knowledge from esteemed industry experts, partners, and others who are crushing it in this business. As they grow in their roles, they develop a better understanding of what customer acquisitions is all about and how they can maximize their own careers in this field.

The best part is seeing one of our executives step up to the next level, because it means we get to shout out about their success. Check out the Supreme Concepts Newswire to see who has been promoted and more on how we’re rising to the top every day.