When Work and Fun Co-Mingle, the Results Can’t Be Beat

When Work and Fun Co-Mingle, the Results Can’t Be Beat

There’s a lot of energy that flows through our Supreme Concepts office, which is exactly how we designed it. Our philosophy is simple: Work should not feel like work if we are having fun with our colleagues and thoroughly enjoying what we do.

“We strive to have a fun and energetic team environment,” said Lamine, Supreme Concepts’ President. “We love to have competitions within the office and play games when we can. Everyone should be enthused about coming into work and seeing team members.” Here are some of the key elements that reflect a good team-building activity:

• Conversation Flows Naturally: Not every team event has to be structured. “We like to go out to dinners or do things that allow everyone to just relax and talk about what they’re doing outside of work,” Lamine noted. “This way we can forge bonds over common interests and hobbies, not just work-related projects.”

• Play Increases Creativity and Productivity: Contests, competitions, and games can all spark imaginations and forge collaborative efforts. “We see the direct results of these activities in the solutions we deliver,” Lamine remarked.

• Everyone Can Take Part: “Always make sure plans are inclusive of all team members,” Lamine advised. “Consider different abilities and interests so that participation is high. We like to schedule things to which everyone looks forward.”

Our team-building events take place frequently, so like Supreme Concepts on Facebook to see us in action.